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Santiago Wild

Festival de Cine de vida salvaje y medio ambiente de latinoamérica

23 mar ___ 2 apr 2023

We welcome you to Santiago Wild 2023!

Santiago Wild is the first wildlife and environmental film festival in Latin America. This event carried out by Ladera Sur, with the support of Jackson Wild and National Geographic, will bring together for the first time online and in person the most incredible audiovisual productions in the participation of documentary filmmakers in its two categories, we will also have an Audiovisual Laboratory where filmmakers together with experts from the world of cinema and rubo companies will be learning in Chilean Patagonia.

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March 23, 20:00 hrs. | Noche de Lanzamiento
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$8.000 + cargos por servicio

March 28, 19:00 hrs. | Noche de Felinos
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$8.000 + cargos por servicio

March 30, 20:30 hrs. | Ceremonia Oficial
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Desde $10.000 + cargos por servicio
March 23, 28 and 30 | Pase Full
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Muestra oficial

Nominados Competencia 2023

Nuevas Voces Latinoamericanas

Latinoamérica desde los ojos del mundo


  • January 15th

    Closing date for applications Competition

  • January 20th

    Audiovisual Laboratory Application Deadline


  • March 23rd - April 2nd

    Santiago Wild Online

    From March 23rd to April 2nd, 2023, the most incredible wildlife and environmental productions from Latin America and the world will be exhibited. Reaching with these documentaries to all parts of the world showing as main point Latin America.

  • March 30th

    Santiago Wild Award

    On Thursday, March 30, Santiago Wild, accompanied by Jackson Wild and National Geographic, will hold for the first time in Santiago an unprecedented event at Teatro Oriente, where there will be the exclusive premiere of one of the most outstanding documentaries in the world and we will be talking with the directors. In addition, the winners of the competitions “New Latin American Voices” and “Latin America from the Eyes of the World” will be announced among the 20 finalists. Finally, the micro-documentaries resulting from the festival’s Audiovisual Laboratory will be shown.


  • March 23rd to 30th

    Santiago Wild Audiovisual Laboratory

    Santiago Wild will develop for the first time, with the support of National Geographic, an Audiovisual Laboratory in which for 8 days, 12 scholarship holders will learn from leaders of the audiovisual industry about audiovisual production and science communication. In addition, they will be challenged to apply what they have learned and make a micro-documentary that will be presented in Santiago Wild at Teatro Oriente. The laboratory will be held in the facilities of the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, in the Los Rios Region, Chile.

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Desde Mayo a Septiembre

  • May - June - July - August - September

    Santiago Wild on Tour

    As in previous years, Santiago Wild will rotate with a sample of its documentaries throughout different regions of Chile.

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